We Use Crowdfunding To Drive Sales!

The Autoblow 2+ holds the record for the highest amount of crowdfunding raised for any male sex toy. The story of the product's campaign went viral online in more than 50 countries, driving brand name recognition and sales. We created two additional crowdfunding campaigns that met and exceeded their goals: Slaphappy & 3fap. Slaphappy is a multifunction vibrator for women and 3fap is the first ever male masturbator that allows men their choice of 3 differently textured orifices.


Autoblow 2

$375,959 USD total funds raised
622% funded on June 6, 2014

This is the the most powerful automatic male masturbator ever created. Works with 3 sizes of sleeves!


$17,181 USD total funds raised
108% funded on January 26, 2015

Slaphappy is the Swiss Army Knife of vibrators!


$51,855 USD total funds raised
103% funded on December 5, 2015

3fap allows men to experience the trifecta of pleasure: 3 orifices, 3 textures, and 3 levels of suction!

Wall Balls

$1,020 USD total funds raised
17% of $5,900

Wall Balls: We failed! This campaign reproduced the winner's scrotum from our Balls Contest. No one wanted it.